Chemex and Bowl Cozies

Hot Bowl and Chemex Cozies

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Colorful, 100% cotton, quilted stitching, wonderfully insulating, and most importantly microwave safe*.

Ever make a bowl of soup in the microwave or pour your own Chemex coffee brew?  It sucks when bowls get too hot or Chemex pour overs end up cooling off.  To live a more fulfilling and thermally conscious life buy a Cozie by Widgie's mom today!

[Important] We have so many variations of the cozies and very rarely are more than 2-3 the same, so please help us choose the best for you by giving us an idea of the color(s) you'd like.  No more than colors, please.  


Items in the photos may no longer be available.


*legit it is microwave safe, but it must be clean!  Spilled food does not ignore microwaves and will heat up cotton to combustible temperatures which would start a fire.  Trust me this sounds scarier than it is.  It's very easy to prevent, just cold wash, tug to shape, and hang to dry if required before use.