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RazBeca’s Birds digital PDF Applique Page for ‘Dr Penelope Dole’

RazBeca’s Birds digital PDF Applique Page for ‘Dr Penelope Dole’

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Dr Penelope Dole, PhD, an environmental consultant at the pineapple canning factory in Maui, is dedicated to protecting the environment. Yesterday when she went to catch a fish in the nearby river for her lunch, she noticed something strange. The fish had a faint flavor of pineapple! Although this was a tasty treat, she was a bit concerned and wondered what could be causing this. So today, when she arrived at work, she put on her waterproof magnification goggles and her hip waders and headed down to the river to investigate. She peered intently into the water looking for clues. There was a large school of fish swimming between her legs and everything seemed fine. Then to her surprise, she saw a large green fish nibbling on a pineapple! Apparently, the main food source for these fish was pineapple that had fallen from nearby pineapple plants. Yum! Mystery solved! Way to go Dr. Dole!

10 years later Dr Dole retired and opened a food truck. The most popular item on her menu was grilled kabobs that featured pineapple fish, spam, and vegetables.



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