VoaOW Leftovers Stimulus

VoaOW Leftovers Stimulus

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We have a mission to generate something coming into March or fk our quarterly is going to ruin us.  In fulfilling our voodoo sale we've realized that we are making far more keys than there are some of the colorway winners.


Here you can purchase a key, and you can give us an idea of what you want.  If it's available, you'll get it... if not then you will get a random key from the leftovers.  Please keep your responses to simple bullet points no more than two to three words per point.


We will have leftovers of lots of key styles, these are not B-stocks, and for the same price you could get a 2 or 3 shot key which is authenticated and boxed with our package art and Magicat sticker.


Keys will be sent out as they are authenticated and determined to be extra.  We are 50% finished production on the Voodoo sale and already have equal that amount in leftovers.


We will have at least 200 leftover keys so this product will have a inventory of 200 units.


P.S. If you took part in the sale and want to buy more keys we will not stop you, but your order will not be combined with the raffle.  Our old system of spreadsheets is not compatible with our website's back end, and we need the time it would take to coordinate to produce keys.