Starting in 48 hours HWS will be offering a sale of 3 shot keys where the fan (you?) can decide what colors they would like.. Mostly.  Fan feedback from our most recent sales provided us with several healthy criticisms.  We can provide our fans with more choices, and we don’t have to give up our creative integrity to do so.  Taking our most popular colors we have organized them into 4 separate groups, each representing a palette of 4 colors.     

Color Groups

(keys are not necessarily space themed)

Which color group is the best?  When an order is placed in 4 x 4 the fan chooses the color group.  While there are 4 colors represented in any group, each key will only have 3 distinct colors.  The shades and hues of each represented color are delicately tuned to the will of the Unicorn Ice Cream God, He Who Must Not be Neighhhhm’d (fka Hoof Prince).  This is as much science as it is magic.  In addition to choosing a color group, the fan also seizes the plastic giblets of their favorite sculpts from Switch Doctor, Skullthulu, Lion Keyng, Otterophile OR WILD CARD (???) in order of preference.



Each magical key is $50 (+ shipping) and there is no limit to individual purchase quantities while the HWS store is in stock.  To sweeten the deal, orders will randomly receive awesome new freebies.  Each color group will be completed during a scheduled time frame and completed orders will be sent at least once weekly.  All progress updates and shipping dates can be viewed on the HWS Calendar.        

While this will be our largest sale to date, we will be keeping a strict maximum time frame of January 22 2018 for the completion (or mail date) of all orders.  However, as we upgrade equipment and efficiency in the studio, orders may be completed weeks or even months in advance.  Please join us and go crazy!  Your next HWS experience is here....in 48 hours.