Hello - April is Upon Us aka Spring???

    The HWS Calendar has been a huge success!  We have had lots of people asking questions about specific daily events and really that's been the goal all along.  To inform people about what we are currently working on has just been a huge boon to our support responses and workflow.  If you like or dislike this or have any suggestions please let us know how we're doing using our contact form 'I need an adult...'

    The middle of March saw the recreation of the hungrkey molds after the masters were damaged during our photochromic sale.  Recently we posted our first non-event keycaps to our store.  The direct to cart and checkout systems are working great, so compared to our previous hosting and shop efforts it appears Shopify's features and robust back end are really coming through for us.

    To keep people up to date on progression with the Voodoo sale and Leftovers we are posting as much as we can to the Calendar as often as we have time.  Events like casting, demolding, finishing, packing, and shipping are all real indicators of events leading up to and including trips to the post office.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out and it didn't interest you before this paragraph, please check it out!


-Binge and HWS Crew