Hello - We have not gone dark

       We are working hard.  That is to say updating yesterday's Calendar event would have been really fruitless.  I took a moment after work to decompress and found myself up way past when I should be asleep afraid of starting the next day.  Today I was still anxious after waking up.  Yesterday I had been talking with Widgie about how I feel like I've just opened up a puzzle box and the first step is to take out all of the pieces.  This feeling is what I get for having a sale to complete, molds to make, a website that is up and running but introducing new spending concerns, changes with my noraml work, and the daily challenges that come with being a husband and co-owner of two beautiful dogs.  The problem is that the puzzle pieces get sorted then mixed up again by one of the events changing.

      One of our puppies got ahold of some sugar free gum while he was out with Widgie on a walk.  We have no idea where he got it, but it's really harmful to dogs.  Bowie was shaking and cold for well over an hour, and I was unable to do anything but wait.  Nothing said he wouldn't pull through it but I had to be ready for the worst and the stress of it left me with nothing for the next day.  It's tiring to deal with worries one after another, and I guess what I'm saying is that some time has gotten away from me on account of worrying more than I have the energy to spare.  I need to trust that my wife has got things under control and leave it to her while somehow showing her support.

      To anyone interested in pursuing your passions and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle by being employed full time I would greatly suggest limiting your proclivities to things you can manage.  If you're into too many commitments it can really cause a lot of undue setbacks.  I take full responsibility for the lack of progress and transparency in the past 48 hours, so if anyone has questions please shoot us a message on our contact form.

Thank you,