Hello - Welcome to the ends of February

    In the past month we have implemented a Calendar of sorts to keep people up to date on what we've done in as close to real time as we can manage.  The flow of things is important.  How do you stop casting to update a web calendar?  I sure don't.  It'll take a bit more discipline, but I feel like we'll have a more eventful and informative calendar as the public tool is used more frequently.

    Last month and the beginning of February we were taking suggestions for front page content.  So far we've been mirroring blog posts in an attempt to keep an archive of front page content.  While I like this I also understand that it's not as simple as some of the more modern webpage layouts.  I don't know if I agree with the design mentality.  The concept is to have all of the information truncated and front and center like a good synopsis.  Artisan companies like Jellykey use this method in their web design, but I'm afraid I'm not that savvy and really don't have that much to say without rambling.  

    As for business we will begin shipping Voodoo from an Otter world soon.  We've got quite a few orders complete and should be able to authenticate/ship in a timely fashion.  This coming weekend will give us a very good indication of the timeframe for the sale end date.  Stay good people!


-Binge and HWS Crew