'Part 2' ReleaSys 78 Brushable Aerosol Mold Release (12 Pack)

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***Mold release products are not food safe!  Do not expose food cooking/prep surfaces to mold release agents***

Short:  Hunger Work Studio is proud to carry and endorse Miller Stephenson mold release products!  This is our 'Part 2' of our in-house tested mold release solution for polyurethane to metal and rubber mold release.  This product may be used as a stand alone product for release, but our suggested use is to couple the ReleaSys 78 Brushable Aerosol release with 'Part 1' ReleaSys 9804 of our two part mold release solution.

'Part 2' ReleaSys 78 is meant to be applied before every casting session to assure the longevity of rigid and flexible molds.  For more information about application technique please review the technical data sheet.  Additional information outlining our preferred mold release application is detailed periodically on Instagram and Youtube.


Please bear with the hype-speech! It's worth it to get the whole picture. 


Long:  Binge started working with flexible silicone rubber molds in 2013 and then metal molds in late 2015. From founding Hunger Work Studio he has been looking for a solution to ease the release process, improve mold life, resolve casts with minimal surface alteration, and reduce resin buildup.  To achieve a lofty standard of excellence months of in-house testing and communication with chemical manufacturer Miller Stephenson would reveal our best tested solution would be combining two forms of mold release a durable coating (Part 1) to protect the molds, and a sacrificial compound (Part 2) is applied over top to improve coating (Part 1) wear.  The ReleaSys 9804 coating wear is improved via repeat ReleaSys 78 applications.  ReleaSys 78 allows molds treated with ReleaSys 9804 to operate with peak release and surface quality for up to 6 pulls before the molds require washing and the initial coating (Part 1) should be reapplied.


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