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Hunger Work Studio is excited to offer a special series of in-house formulated pigments which have excellent vibrancy and lightfastness.   Made by a keycap artist for keycap artists.  These colorants are meant for experienced casters who utilize epoxy/polyurethane, vacuum & pressure systems in their casting studio and are not recommended for gravity casting or casting in humid environments.

For more information & product discussion please join us on discord in the channel #thicc-artisan-blood!

Volume: 2 fl oz/4 fl oz where specified.

Color Descriptions

  • 45th Hue - Opaque Tan
  • Aggressive Aggressive - Opaque Warm Red
  • Passive Aggressive - Semi-Translucent Cool Red
  • Basic White - Neutral, Opacifying, White
  • Barney's Grapes - The, Iconic, Unnatural, Purple, Opaque, Dinosaur
  • Beenut Butter - Opaque Warm Yellow
  • Evergreen - Translucent Cool Green
  • Pitch - Opaque Warm Black
  • Sapphire - Cool, Rich, Translucent Blue
  • Shade - Translucent Neutral Black
  • Space Marine - Hot, Translucent, Blue
  • Urine Trouble - Translucent Cool Yellow


CAUTION:  These colorants are not food-safe or FDA compliant.  These are not for consumption, avoid inhaling fumes, and avoid contact with bare skin.  Wash immediately with soap and water.  Do not treat skin exposure with chemical solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol in any dilution.  Adult handling required.  All orders will require adult signature for acceptance.