Hindsight - Fractured

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Monochrome fans might appreciate this.


We are proud to share with you a concept for our latest sculpt.  Sight unseen we are asking for orders, and we will be revealing photos of the work we do on the key as it is completed.  Today (4/12/2020) we finalized the white we intend to use for the body of this key.  It is an off-white with a subtle green-gold shift particulate.  The off-white without the particulate is warm.  Almost egg-shell.  Mixed together its quality is more like an egg gone bad from a distance.  Forgotten and sad.  Upon closer inspection there's a calm mossy sheen. The only colors utilized in the key other than white are a neutral black and clear.  It's a minimal color key, but it will have 8 shots in the plug and 4 in the body not including the encapsulation of the plug.


This sale is limited fulfillment.  We intend to take 4 weeks from the time we complete our first proof and post on Instagram to complete production.  Thank you in advance for your support and trust.


Life can be recalled in memory.  This is information we have written through our own senses and held in our minds.  Grains of moments connected with loosely spun context are jostled around by all manner of events and surprises.  There's always more to learn about an event.  Nobody has all of the perspective, and anyone can chose to hypothesize the nature of activity.  It's absolutely incredible that so many fast friends can be made through a telling a story, and how equally quick the events are judged.  Who will act when they hear a saying?  Who will ponder its meaning?  Who might investigate?  After years of sensing and storing and retelling how can our fractured collection be as whole as it was in a living moment?  Is it even as important as one remembers it to be?