Singles Night 8-21-2020 a Violet

Singles Night 8-21-2020 a Violet

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Looking to meet hot Singles in your community? These tight butt mx compatible caps just want one shot at true love.  Do you have what it takes?


No special packaging.

No auth card.

Bubble mailer.

No protection~ 19.99


This format is heavily influenced by a peer and fellow sculptor .  He told me he didn't GAF a fuck that I love him so much, but I fucking miss that guy and you know it wouldn't hurt him to write once in a while like if we were serious I'd be in full on panic mode.  Did he really go to the gas station for a carton of milk and cigs?  It's been 4,192 days-- maybe I should call his mom.  Fuck never mind that would seem too clingy.  It's obviously over.  Yesterday I found a bit of his hair in my drain.  I put it back and hoped he wouldn't forget it.  Maybe he'll come back for little Brew Jr.  It's just so cute.  Can everything be this perfect between us?  Holy shit support brewcaps PAIN it's amazing.