The Future is Now

The Future is Now

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The year is 1986.  Hasbro just killed Optimus Prime.  Rodimus Prime is basically the most powerful phallic name in the cosmos post parting with Orson Welles, that magnificent drunk.

If that was the present at one point, the future is now.  We are standing on the shoulders of giants, and grinding the wisdom teeth of yesteryear.  It's an issue that stems from deep yearnings for the next big thing.  Insatiable in appetite and happily insatiable.

Metallics, Glow, New Technologies, and tempered expectations.  Love?  Do you want love?  There may be love.


This future is a limited fulfillment which will vary in completion time based on the complexity of orders.  If people want a variety of these options, it will take a bit longer, but we will make all of these colors available regardless of participation.


Pictured is The Future is Now, Hidden Hunger, Proof.  This is the basic color scheme, but there are blind bag elements to the products we will distribute from this sale.  Easter egg elements of the keys will vary by color EXCEPT for this metallic grey element.

Valentines Hidden and Popsi are similar to the blind bag keys with the exception being the silver is a metallic pink, color chip also pictured.