The walls are lava

The walls are lava

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The following is for fun!  I appreciate everyone who has taken part in my absolute fk-storm!

If you've stayed around this long it's because you either love me, my caps, or just need another reason to question the sanity of HWS.

Feel free to short me, but not us.  My wife told me not to do these things.  We just make caps well-ish.  There are good reasons for chuckling about stuff, but I found that my enthusiasm for mischief died for people who felt they wasted their time.  It was not right of me to ask you to sacrifice your lives like I had. 

Summary of events: FCFC, showing 4am favoritism to people with a bit of CS knowledge, broken forms, messy nonsense tactics meant to punsh/reward participants, and eventually more FCFS instead of presenting you all with this gem.

I am truly happy to have had any success with this sale at all.

This last bit is the worst thing I've ever done to myself or others.  Truthfully it felt good at the time I was making it. The walls are $ portals.

I've made a mess again.